Keeping Sportswear Stylish

I guess it holds true that sometimes in order to get a guy’s attention you have to spell it out for them. Nike’s new t-shirts certainly have shy guys sporting their personality.  By utilizing edgy statements and humor, Nike transforms a simple tee into something trendy.  The tee shows off a male’s sense of humor and personality, which most agree is something every Fashionisto shoots for.  Obviously, it is important to a male athlete how others perceive him and his game.  Just because they care about their performance on the field, doesn’t mean they can’t score in the fashion department while on the streets around town. Tom Brady, David Beckham, Henrik Lundqvist and Sean Avery are just a few examples of stylish athletes.   Nike’s t-shirts illustrate unforgettable one-liners, causing people to do a double take while checking you out.   With statements such as, “Skilled in Every Position”, “Model or Athlete”, “Some Run Others Fly”, “Dunk Me Baby One More Time”, “Up for Air”, and  “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bat, Nike boasts that these designs guarantee laughs and a good time.  

On the other hand, many aren’t necessarily team Nike.  Some say the brand’s new shirts don’t deserve a check plus, and men shouldn’t be aiming for this type of negative attention.  In fact, one edgy shirt was enough to push Boston’s Mayor off the edge.  He asked Nike to remove the display of their shirts stating, “Dope”, “Get High”, and “Ride Pipes.”  Nike defended themselves by stating that this is the lingo skateboarders and surfers use all the time and that the brand is trying to market extreme sports, not promote anything negative.  The Nike spokeswoman also made a point by stating, “Sports are an antidote to drugs and there is no better adrenalin rush than to catch a wave or land a trick. This language is the same that skaters, BMX’er’s and surfers use around the world every day.”  Recently, the Huffington Post Style Section ran a poll asking, “Should Nike remove the t-shirt from the store display?” 44% of those that responded were in favor of removal, stating that the shirts clearly condone drug use.  On the other hand, 56% felt it was unnecessary to get all worked up over sport slogans. What is the moral of the story?  Let’s face it, some of the best designers and fashion retailers will endure some sort of controversy over an item at one time or another.  The best part about fashion is that no one is keeping score, and obviously the game’s not over for Nike. Fashion is a marathon; some looks take off and survive the test of time, while others fall short of the finish line.  However, sometimes it’s simply taking a risk that gets them noticed in the long run.

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