A Focused Female

A Focused Female

Picture this… every photo shoot is like Christmas morning and every picture taken is like a present that you get to open. That is how photographer Alicia King describes what photography means to her. I recently had the pleasure of working with Alicia, and let me tell you, she is certainly one focused female. While studying photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she has managed to work with current fashion students, designer graduates, models, makeup artists, and hair stylists. While it may sound like Ms. King is looking to become the queen of photography, she is purely doing what she loves while trying to make a name for herself.

Most of Alicia’s work has been with student designers, or other fashion students in that field.  Her personal love for fashion and style is evident when she works with these talented young men and women.  Since she is excited to show their clothing lines off in the most positive light on film,  Alicia truly appreciates the fact that  their work has never been published which gives her portfolio a trendy fresh fashion look.

Over the past few months, she has shot the student fashion designer’s collections that included vintage aviation, fencing, lumberjacks, the 20’s, love affairs, transportation,
and fears.  After a long day you would think Alicia would be shot herself by the time she completes all her work, however, she puts countless hours into perfecting and editing the images till she too has red-eye!  At the end of the day, Alicia, her models, and the designers all benefit and will have outstanding portfolios because of all the hard work she puts in.

Have you ever had your mother make you sit and pose for a picture whether you like it or not?  Knowing that no one enjoys posing in pain, or smiling while shivering, Alicia’s laid back and friendly personality makes her stand out from other photographers.  Because she genuinely cares about the models’ feelings during a shoot, she is capable of capturing beautiful photographs while maintaining lasting relationships with the people she works with.  If her models are feeling cold or ill at ease, this image would definitely be reflected in her photographs.  Therefore, she is respectful and sympathetic regarding their needs and tries to accommodate everyone she works with.  As a result, both she and her models have amazing images for their portfolios.

If you were to flash back to when Alicia was a young girl and had a little point and shoot ‘film’ camera you could see how she has certainly come a long way.  Some of her future dreams include working as a photographer for Forever 21 or H&M and then one day having her photos displayed on a billboard in Time Square.  These are not only dreams but are on her ‘Christmas List.’  Until then, she is enjoying the journey doing what she loves.  Now it is time for all of us to ask that life fulfilling question, “What would make my everyday feel like Christmas morning?”


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Contact: aliciakingphoto@gmail.com
Website: Aliciakingphotography.com

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2 Responses to A Focused Female

  1. Carol says:

    Wow….. You’ve captured her work perfectly!!!

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