How to Stay Awake & Aware This Month

How To Stay Awake & Aware This Month

Nothing screams midterms more than sweats, coffee, and at
least 5 hours dedicated to James A. Cannavino (the Marist College Library).
October isn’t just Breast Cancer Awareness month, but probably the most crucial
time for students to stay awake and aware.  This prestigious pretty in pink Fashionista
admits that sometimes our first instinct is to throw on the sweats to stay
comfortable while slaving away in the library; however, it’s easy to still
dress stylish while being studious. Even though she didn’t get much sleep, she
resisted the temptation to wear sweats that morning. She explained how not only
does dressing down make you less likely to focus and just want to crawl back in
bed, but when you wear sweats for a presentation it shows little respect towards
your Professor; as if you don’t take their class seriously.  I couldn’t tell you how she did on her presentation or her grades on the midterms, but I will say this focused Fashionista deserves an A+ for style!

Name: Lauren Fitzpatrick

Major: Communications Public Relations

Year: Senior

College Fashionista:  I hate it when I have the dark under eye circles that even the heaviest concealer won’t cover up. What tips do you have for other stressed and exhausted Fashionista’s who want people to notice style not their circles?

Lauren Fitzpatrick:  Have people take notice your cute handbag, not you’re under eye bags.  Add big trendy accessories that are eye catching or wear bright lip-gloss or lipstick that draws more attention on your luscious glossy lips rather than your tired eyes.

CF: How do you stay comfortable while dressing up your look?

LF: When you want to feel “pretty” but still feel comfortable wear rings, a necklace, or earrings that best fits your style. It’s amazing how an accessory can change the look of an outfit.

CF: What would you say to other Fashionista’s that feel insecure about how rundown and tired they feel and look?

LF:  I would tell them to seek beauty in not such obvious places. Sometimes we care or worry too much about looking tired or not our best.  I believe the most attractive women are the ones who are aware and appreciate the beauty around them.

CF: How do you resist wearing sweats to class, isn’t it challenging during midterms?

LF: Just because you may feel stressed that day, your outfit doesn’t have to show it.  By wearing something other than sweats, you not only feel better about yourself, but you also look more appropriate for class.

How to: You don’t have to go all out wearing a dress or a skirt for a presentation. You can get Fitzpatrick’s look by wearing dark jeans from Express, Nine West heeled boots, and an H&M silk lace top to dress up the outfit.  It’s important to be conscious and aware of your attire and how you want to be perceived.  Look presentable and feel relaxed in an outfit that allows you to hit the books without hiding out in sweats.  Although midterms still screams coffee and library hours, sweats are something we don’t have to yell out for.

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