Hallows Eve Made a Little Bit Easier

A Custom-Made Costume

From an expensive skimpy nurse to an overpriced naughty school girl, the prices of Halloween costumes are something to scream about. If being a beautiful butterfly costs $65 then perhaps you should think twice before making the expensive purchase. Not only are these costumes pricey, they rarely fit correctly, unless you’re Holly Madison of course. After I received my order on a sailor costume one year I couldn’t help but wonder where the breast implant donation was. Unfortunately, I was only left with the advice of my friends to use “chicken cutlets” (they obviously didn’t understand this costume required the whole chicken).

Anyway, I realized you are better off looking through your own closet, old costumes, and you’re friends and family’s clothing to create fitting and flattering pieces. Past Halloween’s I have cut up old dance costumes from when I was ten years old and had my own little project runway going on in my room. By doing this I know the outfit will fit the way I like it…no chicken’s necessary. If you don’t have anything in your closet you can always try cheap stores such as Wet Seal or Mandee to make your outfit work. To save yourself from carving a hole in your wallet, buy the needed items for costume. Purchase the accessories to put your outfit together, such as the head gear, stockings, jewelry, mask, and other little things to spruce up your look. Lastly, beware of a full-moon…in other words don’t be caught dead without the undies or booty shorts!

Get Killer Skin

When we were younger we used to binge in all the chocolates and sweets, however now we do something called, “binge tanning.” Isn’t it funny how tanning salons will try to trick us into purchasing packages by promoting the treat of discounts during this time of year? They will try to suck us in, only these vampires appear to be much more orange then the ones I see on television. I can’t believe I used to lie in those eerie booths that resemble a coffin (ironic right?). Don’t fall under the spell of believing you have to be abnormally tan during Halloween! The cost of a tanning package is still expensive regardless of the discount given, and the damage we are doing to our skin is not worth the one week of feeling like a bronzed babe in our Halloween get-up. CBS News stated, “According to the AmericanAcademy of Dermatology Association, the risk of melanoma is 75 percent higher among people who used tanning beds in their teens and 20s. And, according to the American Cancer Society, nearly 69,000 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed last year, with more than 8,600 people dying of the disease.”

These spooky tanning booths are just one step closer to your graveyard. However, if you still want to glow without being frightened by the tomb like tanning beds or the risks that come along with them, there are other beauty options. Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Especially for Body is the perfect way to turn heads without burning your own. The product is called “a tanning salon in a can”, and lasts up to seven days. Not only is this 60 second tanning easy, but it also contains vitamins and retinol that makes your skin glow and its stain free. In addition, this product is also streak-free, so you don’t have to worry about looking like an orange jack-o-lantern. The nasty smell of many tanning products can send many people on a hayride, but Sally Hansen spray tan has a sweet vanilla scent. You can easily turn up the heat without frying your skin. Save yourself the horror of blowing your money at tanning salons and give yourself a treat this Halloween with a sensible healthy glow available at your local CVS! 

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