Truffles for the Tata’s

Pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, costumes & Halloween are what October’s all about right? Actually, there’s more we should pay attention and awareness to this autumn. October is breast cancer awareness month where many fundraisers and charities strive to increase the awareness of the breast cancer and try to raise money to help research and cure this deadly disease. The scary reality that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, after skin cancer, is enough to cause a fright fest. A good friend of mine, Stephanie Koerner, unfortunately had both of her Grandmothers diagnosed with breast cancer, one of which passed away when she was only a baby.

Like many of us, Stephanie dreams that someday there will be a cure for breast cancer, but until then she developed a sweet idea. A vision that felt so real she could almost taste it, Stephanie has started and grown her own business, “Sweet Dreams”, truffles and cupcakes. With the help and support from her mother, and the skilled taste testing techniques by her father, Stephanie has made truffles for several occasions, one being the “Making Strides against Breast Cancer”. Stephanie mentioned, “Last year our most selling cupcakes were Oreo and chocolate peanut butter. I will be selling both this year along with other varieties as well as my specialty, the Oreo truffles.” This is the second year she is selling her “Sweet Dreams” at the fundraiser. Satisfy your sweet tooth this Saturday, October 15th from 10:00am-4:00pm on Long Island in Smithtown at the St. Thomas of Canterbury-Episcopal.

So come on, wake up people! You know you want the goodies, so you should support them! Whether you want to gobble up for a good cause or just nibble for the nips, come together to get your early Halloween treat in hopes to tackle breast cancer!

Help Prevent This Deadly Disease From Taking Over…Try a Truffle to Support the TaTaS!

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3 Responses to Truffles for the Tata’s

  1. Sue Koerner says:

    I agree that Stephanie’s Sweet Dreams can generate a huge profit for this Breast Cacer fudraiser. I personally have had my own story with losing a mom and other close relatives to cancer. This is a worthy cvause and definately worthy of Stephanie’s incediable “Sweet Dreams”. Her tasty sweets are irresistable. I have had Stephanie prepare her delicious treats for multiple occassions and people rave about these cupcakes and truffles. They are far too tempting to resist.

    • I am one of Stephanie’s grandmothers who was diagnosed with breast cancer. After treatment I am free of the cancer. I am so proud of Stephanie and her mother as I know how much work goes into these projects. I certainly hope Stephanie’s ” Sweet Dreams” becomes a reality. Love, Nana Ruthie

  2. Stephanie says:

    Sweet Dreams by Stephanie here 🙂 If you would like to make an order you can contact me at

    Sweet Dreams by Stephanie would like to Thank Dayna for this wonderful article and her support.

    Lets hope this fundraiser is as successful as it can be!!

    “From one sweet tooth to another”

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