Feminine Fashion

While the leaves are turning colors this Fashionista is turning heads with a feminine and classic outfit. Even though color blocking and bright pants have been a huge trend, neutrals and black shades never go out of style. The midi skirt is a big fashion statement now; however there are many extreme and wild printed skirts that I’m sure you’re not going to be wearing too often in the future. Sometimes we try too hard to mix multiple trends in one look, taking away the simplicity and beauty of an outfit. This Fashionista shares how to be yourself when trying new trends.

Stephanie Rosen

Year: Senior

Major: Fashion Merchandising, Minor in Business

College Fashionista: You rarely see girls strut this look around campus, what inspires your style?

Stephanie Rosen: It’s funny because in my fashion classes many of the girls get dressed up and look put together, but then outside the fashion lab we are perceived as “over-dressed”. It doesn’t bother me though; I think you just have to dress for yourself and wear what makes you feel good and confident and not worry about what other people are wearing. As for inspiration I love flipping through W Magazine, the layouts and outfits are so glamorous and inspirational.  I also admire socialite Olivia Palermo who was on MTV’s The City.

CF: Sometimes there are many trends, colors, and styles we may not be capable of pulling off, what kind of trends and styles do you stay away from gravitate towards?

SR: I like wearing black and off-white or ivory shades because I am fair skinned and know a color like yellow would not be my shade! I also accentuate the waist; I know I look best in high-wasted bottoms or adding a belt to an outfit.

CF: What trend/trends do you like or dislike and why?

SR: Wearing lots of bracelets is huge now! It looks cool but I prefer to keep it classic with a simpler look wearing my Tiffany’s and Michael Kor’s bracelet.

CF: what advice do you have for other Fashionista’s?

SR: Confidence is key to pulling off an outfit. If you have the right attitude, you can pull it off

How To: Experiment with fads and trends but remember to stay true to your style and never try to be something you’re not! We see all kinds of fashion, but style is what we pick out of that fashion and how we make it our own. That being said, what might look good on someone may not look as flattering on you. Show off your favorite body parts, if it’s your waist add a like a belt, if it’s your legs try a nude heel which makes your legs look even longer, or if it’s your arms and shoulders wear strapless dresses and halter tops

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