How to be one of a kind!

Imagine…you wake up on a beautiful autumn day, anxious to finally wear that new trendy skirt you recently purchased, only to walk into class to see your friend wearing the same exact skirt! Prevent a nightmare like this by taking a lesson or two from Nicole Rodgers. On a warm fall day I met this vintage-inspired Fashionista with a personality that is way ahead of her time. Nicole suggested that a Fashionista’s attitude reflects in what their wearing, and if you feel good others notice your confidence. Although she feels good in her own skin, she can’t deny that she feels great in her mother’s vintage clothing and accessories. We should take advantage when style from our parent’s day and age becomes the hip hottest trends today. Vintage pieces aren’t just fabulous for us college Fashionista’s on a budget, but also a great way prevent being spotted in the same outfit as your classmates. History may repeat itself, but the outfits around campus don’t have to!
More Vintage Ideas Here!

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