Sandra Dee Style

 If you were to tell me about a year ago that I would have leather pants, a jacket, shorts and skirt in my closet I would think you were crazy.  As if the girl who once had the nickname “Pinky” and “Barbie” would ever be able to pull of that seductive edgy look…  I realized that I can stay true to my girly girl style while playing with this year’s hottest trend. I keep my look feminine by incorporating pearls, lace, or bows to the leather look. For example, I made my leather look edgy with an elegant twist when I wore my leather shorts with a lacy sweater and a white cameo pin on the sweater with a pearl necklace. Not only does it make the look my own, but it looks less va-va-voom, and as if I am trying too hard. 

Wearing your leather boots, jacket, and skirt, doesn’t mean you have mastered the trend; it just looks like you went on a shopping spree at Hot Topic. After seeing my friends surprised reactions when I go to purchase or wear leather items I came to the conclusion that I probably shouldn’t wear leather to grandma’s house.  Perhaps it’s best to give the “home for the holidays heart attack” to those friends you haven’t seen in a while, and not your family! So try mixing and matching two totally different styles (leather&lace, polka dots&prints, ruffles&sequins).  Show you’re the one that he wants…while still being wanted home for the holidays!

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