Be a Fashion Flirt!

Relationship status: Single, in a relationship,
or “just trying on”?

An affair is something I would never agree to but when it comes to fashion I think cheating is healthy! There are those who can shop wherever and still manage to find something they love, and those who are too picky and prefer to not cheat on their favorite retailer.
They say women can sometimes have a predictable taste in men… and I believe same goes for fashion.
Like in relationships we can become too comfortable with our retail or style choice. Whether it’s the customer service, the reasonable prices, or ideal quality, we become emotional attached to one store. However, there is a difference between brand loyalty, and being a walking poster child for a store. What do you think…is it best to build a relationship or when it comes to fashion should we remain single?!
How to be a fashion slut:  
Fashionista Olivia Palermo makes it to 3rd base by staying true to what shades and colors flatter her best while experimenting with feminine looks vs. edgy looks.
Alexa knows what flatters her figure yet switch’s her look up, from polka dots… to leather… to plaid she obviously scores a home run!!
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