Feed your face in the best fashion.

After a long day of fashion shows in NYC my friend Lauren I enjoyed walking around Chelsea, stopping into our favorite tea spot, Argo Tea, and making it down to our favorite place to eat…WHOLE FOODS!

The Whole Foods in NYC is simply heaven. There are beautiful fresh flowers in the entrance, and the customer service is so helpful and has such positive energy (must be because they get to work in Whole Food DUH). I enjoy walking the aisles as if it’s my own runway, only instead of paparazzi there’s cameras in every ceiling corner… Normally you wouldn’t want any help when you go grocery shopping, but I love picking their brains about ingredients and nutrition. Although fashion is my first love, food and nutrition definitely is a close second. I truly wish I had the time and money to take more nutrition classes…but until then I will continue to learn from Whole Food’s employees!

If you think I take a long time shopping for clothes you obviously have never seen me shop for food. My mother hates going with me to shop in Whole Foods because she knows I take forever looking at all the unique products…who wouldn’t want organic b-12 gum!!?! and I spend way too much money that you would think I had a family of my own. I only eat gluten and wheat free and can always find the latest and best tasting gluten-free products at Whole Foods (sorry Trader Joe’s). Although I have a ton of favorite Whole Food’s products my latest fav’s are So Delicious gluten-free and dairy free cookie dough ice-cream, GT Synergy Trilogy drinks, Better’nButter gluten-free peanut butter, Yogi Tea( fasting tea, calming, stomach ease, and Kava Stress Relief are NOT gluten-free), Cherrybrook Kitchen gluten free cookies, Gardenlites, and Amazing Grass Superfood in Chocolate. Of course I have other favorites but these are always a must when I go to Whole Foods.

After browsing around Whole Foods in Chelsea for at least an hour and a half, Lauren and I figured its best that we leave soon in order to catch our train (and also considering the fact we were starting to look suspicious). We obviously saved the best part for last…the buffet! I enjoyed the fresh grilled veggies, brussels sprout slaw, tofu, and mixed in some greens with quinoa and beets. Needless to say I can spend a WHOLE DAY at Whole Foods.

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