Bubble Gum & Mints

Bubble gum and mints aren’t just the most desirable thing in a woman’s purse; they are also one of the most popular color trends of the season. You don’t need to wear neon or outrageous prints this spring in order to make an outfit pop! The Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 Collection featured garments that had minty pastels coupled with light pink hues. While Refinery29.com also suggested that mint green and pinks are one of the must-try trends for this spring, the Charlotte Ronson show models took this look to new lengths by actually streaking their hair pink!

I am all about the “bubble gum” trend that has taken the runways by storm; after all, my childhood nickname was “Pinky.” There’s no hiding it, I am an extreme “girly-girl.” As I was growing up, no one was surprised to see my Christmas gifts wrapped in pink. Of course, my birthday parties at home included decorating the entire house in all shades of pink including balloons, marabou, ribbon, and most importantly, glitter. I’m sure my older brother, Kris, totally enjoyed my birthday time of year! Somewhere between the American Girl Dolls I received for Christmas, and the ballerina birthday parties I enjoyed, my grandpa came up with the nickname, “Pinky” to embrace my “girly-girl” style.

Although my grandpa may approve of the “bubble gum” trend, I think he would have a tough time swallowing the pink hair fashion statement. This trend is already prominent since shades of pink hair have been seen on a variety of celebrities’ such as, Rachel McAdams, Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry, and Kelly Osborne. This is definitely one look I think men will have trouble digesting…ah but then again, does it really matter if it makes you feel amazing!

So whether you decide to pop a mint or stick to “bubble gum,” have fun mixing these feminine shades into your spring wardrobe!

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