The Fashionology Flashback

These were by no means just any earrings; they brought me poise and happiness. Go ahead and laugh, but I swear these were good luck earrings! I’ll admit; compliments make you feel good, especially when you get more than just one. Not to be conceited or anything, but these earrings certainly received a lot of attention. Each time I would respond by saying “thanks!” and later informing them that I made the great purchase at Fashionology. Let me lay out the picture for you.

It’s early in the morning and once again I am running late to my 8 am class. To make matters worse, it’s a disgusting rainy day out and I’m feeling like a hot mess and probably have every cold symptom possible; stuffy nose you name it. After the long process of dragging myself out of bed, believing I have nothing to wear and there is no hope in even trying to pull myself together, I make an effort to try to uplift my spirit by putting on a decently fashionable outfit and my turquoise earrings. After trucking through the rain with no help from the umbrella of course, I finally make it into class soaked nonetheless.  Being the grump I was you could only imagine the answer I gave the girl next to me when she asked if I had any gum. Of course I had gum…was I giving any to her? Uh no way!

Shockingly she continued to compliment my earrings. I don’t know if maybe it was her sly sneaky way of getting me to give her a piece of my delicious gum, but either way her noticing my earrings raised my ego a couple notches. Left with an attempt to try to conceal my dorky smile, I held my composure (compliments can sometimes make me feel slightly awkward and uncomfortable), my rainy dark day had simply been made brighter.  The earrings that seem to continuously get positive attention picked up my day. My lack of enthusiasm for the next class that day became less dreadful… not to mention I was starting to feel less stuffy, tired and gross.

Ironically enough, Lydia Biskup also complimented my infamous turquoise earrings later that day.  I could honestly say I meant it when I said “Thank You.”  Without Lydia Biskup and the fashion students hard work, I wouldn’t have the earrings I adore, or the confidence that comes with them.

Some of you may think I am crazy and exaggerating …but for those who want their own  magic perk up piece of fashion; trust me Fashionology has it all for you!

Stay posted this week on all the details I will be writing about on the grand opening for Fashionology, along with giving you a sneak peek at the new merchandise this spring!

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