The Fashion Detox

Time for a fashion detox? No worries, there are easy ways to boost your metabolism while giving your closet the fashion-boost it deserves this summer!

Information & Directions:

The key to detoxing is to never be color-shy…this goes for both your diet and your outfit! The brighter the fruits and veggies on your plate the more nutrients and antioxidants you will absorb. Squeeze into your bright colored summer skinny jeans by squeezing some citrus juice from oranges, limes, and lemons on your dish or in your drink. The citrus liquid can help your body flush out the toxins in your body; inspiring you to toss out the toxic dark shades in your closet.

Oranges: Provide antioxidants that aid in the prevention of premature aging to prevent premature aging, a better digestion, blood circulation, and detoxification!

Lemons: Energize and strengthen the body while boosting your immune system. The high Vitamin C, A, and B content will also help with weight loss and detoxing.

Grapefruits: Often used in skincare and can help tone your skin and aid to with digestion and prevent the flu and colds.

Warning: a citrus style can have severe side effects.

Although citrus and other Vitamin C fruits can give our skin a healthy glow, spotting someone in such a bright color may be harder to digest. Wearing those colors the color can cause serious side effects, such as making your skin appear uneven and not as bright as your beautiful ensemble.  Choose the right shade of yellow that makes your complexion stand out just as much as your outfit.

Fair skin and pink undertones: Choose warm shades of yellow and golden yellows which will make you appear sun kissed. Orange or shades of bright red also work best on your soft skin tone.

Olive skin: Go for neon and bright shades, they flatter and compliment your warm skin.

Golden skin tones: Citrus colors and bright colors show off your bronzed complexion.

All skin tones: Tangy bright yellows can look good on almost everyone! If you aren’t ready for the big squeeze, just add a drop of the bright lemon color into your outfit by adding a bright yellow clutch, belt, or nail art!

Tone up your body; tone up your closet…all while making it match your skin tone!

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1 Response to The Fashion Detox

  1. Janine says:

    I love having grapefruit in the mornings. It brings a natural flush in my skin. Time for me to try some neon colors!

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