The Bare & Beautiful

More MIRANDA Secrets:

Miranda claims TAHITIAN NONI Juice helps maintain her energy and is a great antioxidant that supports her immune system and her busy lifestyle. Noni juice is super expensive but this super antioxidant is actually found in many liquid vitamin supplements or superfood drinks.

She starts her day drinking a green juice with kale, cucumber, spinach, parsley and lemon. In my opinion I believe a good beauty regime begins with breakfast! If you can’t stomach Miranda’s green juice try Amazing Grass Superfood packets (the chocolate is delicious!)

The blood type diet,or eating for your blood type, is another regimen that Miranda follows. Hollywood’s hottest, such as the never-aging Demi Moore, also swear by the blood type diet keeping her young and fit. This diet is fascinating…see what is best for you to eat depending on your blood type here!

Coconut oil is another beauty “secret” Miranda says she uses daily, adding a touch onto her salads is what she says gives her great skin, shiny hair and a trim figure!


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