An affair is something I would never agree to but when it comes to fashion I think cheating is healthy! There are those who can shop wherever and still manage to find something they love, and those who are too picky and prefer to not cheat on their favorite retailer.
They say women can sometimes have a predictable taste in men… and I believe same goes for fashion.
Be a Fashion Flirt

Want to feel as if you are sitting front row at a designer’s fashion show? The newbie models and various fashion trends aren’t the only thing becoming a hit. Music played at fashion shows usually ends up playing on episodes of Gossip Girl, commercials, movies, and at bars or lounges. We all gush over the beautiful garments, but without the music the designers overall theme wouldn’t be portrayed. Feel runway ready when listening to these tunes…Fashion is an endless playlist

A diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but a pearl is a woman’s most commonly used jewelry. Believe it or not pearls are used to make paint, make-up, home decorations, medicine, and in Karl Lagerfeld’s case…a remarkable runway!   His message was that pearls have no barrier when it comes to fashion.
A new wave of pearl fashion

During the holiday we are surrounded with glitz, glam, and of course alcohol. One of the latest drinking games among young adults at parties is “Getting Iced.”  The rules aren’t complicated…a person sees a Smirnoff Ice and can hand it off to someone saying “you’ve been iced,” making that person get on one knee and chug the beverage, not exactly the Christmas present I had in mind… Personally, the only thing I would want to be iced with are diamonds…
Jewelry trends this season!

  While we joke around and assume men are clueless when it comes to the world of fashion, realistically, we could take a lesson from their fashion tactics. Commonly, men and women have contrasting ways they go about shopping and dressing themselves, and it seems that conventionally masculine style practices may prove to save cash and sanity. Test-drive them sometime, and you may find yourself becoming a more de-stressed, savvy shopper and stylist.
Try taking a walk in his shoes!

Perhaps it’s best to give the home for the holidays heart attack” to those friends you haven’t seen in a while, and not your family! So try mixing and matching two totally different styles (leather&lace, polka dots&prints, ruffles&sequins).
Show you’re the one that he wants
while still being wanted home for the holidays!

More on Sandra Dee Style

When you wake up in a bed that’s not your own, you might lay there with a smile on your face thinking to yourself, what a fun night. You danced all night with your friends, finally made use of that sexy dress that you’ve been dying to wear – and that’s when it hits you: “I have to walk home in this?” You might not love that dress so much now…
How to strut your “walk of shame”!

The nice weather can certainly put you in a good mood, almost forgetting about the three papers you have due, the two group projects you’re in and the fact that finals are right around the corner, not to mention the job and internship interviews you need to prepare for. Believe it or not, preparing to get that “well-dressed look” for spring can actually be a strategy to help you de-stress!
Find Out The Sophisticated Style Tips For Spring!

This award season, many of your favorite actresses, actors and performers were nominated. Whether they were up for an award at the Golden Globes, Grammys or maybe even an Oscar, you anxiously awaited the outcomes. While we all wonder who will win, our eyes are clearly focused on what the nominees wear on the red carpet….
How to achieve the award season’s best trends – Lifestyles

Bright-colored velvet, leather gloves and a variety of unique hats were the must-have accessories in the Milly collection by Michelle Smith. While tiny belts were all the rage in the Charlotte Ronson and Christian Siriano show, plaids seem to be one of the hottest trends for the fall. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne, Chris Benz, Adam Fall and Altuzarra were just a few out of the many collections that incorporated plaid into the designs. Pulling off the looks that were seen at Fashion Week isn’t a piece of cake, unless you’re Isaac Mizrahi, of course!
Read more on the poufs and polka dots at 2011 Fall Fashion Week

Shopping should be enjoyable, not exhausting. Unfortunately, many of us leave stores drained of energy and money, spent on mindless, impulsive purchases. On the bright side, we have the Internet to help us become smart, stress-free shoppers. Save the workout for the gym!
Why these fashion websites are worth clicking!


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