The latest trend isn’t fur… and that new leather dress isn’t the only stylish look hitting the streets of Manhattan to Hollywood Boulevard. The hottest look actually seems to be the “fresh face.” Having flawless skin is something everyone craves. In order to achieve this type of perfection, all you have to do is pay the price.

After becoming more aware of the dangers the sun does to our face, I have also become more aware of
how pale I am… so I decided to purchase Olay’s Total Effects + Touch of Sun. The $18.52 moisturizer has a hint of sunless tanner, and gives my face a healthy and natural sun-kissed glow. When I used this product, I received many compliments from my friends about how tan I looked. Even my mom mentioned that my skin was glowing, as opposed to the previous remarks she’s made about how I should stop tanning because I looked orange; that’s how I knew this product was a keeper…

Personally, I blame the weather. In the summer, your hair will frizz, and when the winter rolls around you have static hair. We just can’t win! But sometimes, a quick fix is all it takes to keep you looking your best. Here are some simple tricks to hold you over…

I don’t know if it’s the delicious smell of hot chocolate and gingerbread lattes, the joyful jingles we hear while shopping, or the glistening lights and decorations, but everyone seems to be a bit more cheerful during this time of year. Fathers all over are smiling with relief that their daughters now have no choice but to put on three layers of clothing before leaving the house. Turtlenecks…scarves…coats…it’s a dads Christmas miracle. However, just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean you can’t keep things hot. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired on Nov. 30, featuring six sexy style themes that showed confidence, strength, and sex appeal.

Marist College encourages all majors on campus to participate in showcasing their designs to be sold at Fashionology, the on-campus fashion boutique. Senior Cara Holland said, “Lydia Biskup is not just the teacher of Fashionology, she is our boss, and we aren’t just the students, we are her employees.” Biskup’s employees work as Fashionology’s buyers and reviewed student’s merchandise this past September. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the beautiful hand-made accessories.

In life we all do stupid things, often when we’re feeling pressure and stress. This weekend I decided to treat myself to spontaneity before I faced a stressful week. I colored my hair with what I thought would be a soft, strawberry blonde, and I was horrified when I turned out looking like redheaded Rihanna. Needless to say, my Sunday was no longer a relaxing day off. I set my alarm that night for 9 a.m. on Monday so I could sprint to Rite Aid to get Oops Hair Color Remover to remedy my disaster. Thankfully, my hair was back to its natural roots just in time for my 2 p.m. class. Fortunately, my mistake was fixable, but because there aren’t “Oops” kits for all the slip-ups we make, we should take thoughtful measures to protect our minds and bodies.

So you have your wallet, keys, purse… good to go, right? Think again. Here are some simple yet smart things you may want to include in your bag.

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