Many women enjoy enhancing their outer appearance by sporting the latest fashions while exploring their personal style. They love looking chic and keeping up with all the current trends since it is a form of their personal expression and sets a certain tone for the day ahead.  However, who’s to say women can’t have it all, both beauty and brains?  Aptitude isn’t something you can buy or pull out of your closet.  Although some of us are skilled shoppers and have mastered finding the perfect LBD in only 20 minutes, or spending less than $100 on a  total outfit including accessories and shoes, let’s be serious, these frivolous accomplishments aren’t true testimonies of our unique talents.  While we all love our heels, stilettos, and wedges, there is definitely more that speaks to us besides the shoe department.

These females show that talent and intelligence are always in style… 

A Brand Beyond Boho

A Focused Female

A Dedicated Dreamer

Minis by Mary

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