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What a Fashion Article!!

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What an honor it was to write for What a Fashion about my experience interning at Accessories Magazine. Read all about it here!

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Starbucks Green Goddess vs. Green Tea

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In college it’s typical to see girls chugging their ice coffees like water, who can blame them right? Between five intense classes, an internship, a job, of course students are going to pass back a few coffees to pass their classes. Personally, I believe a cup of Starbucks qualifies as an accessory, possibly even a staple. Just holding that white Grande cup with the green goddess logo, “We proudly serve,” on the front is enough to make me smile.

I used to wonder why the green lady has her long locks cover her breasts…but I think I now know the answer…she is hiding her shrinking breasts!

Yes, that’s right…Starbucks proudly serves smaller boobs! A study published in the British Journal of Cancer examined 300 female coffee drinkers asking how much coffee they had daily and then measured their bust size. The data showed women who drank more than 3 cups of coffee a day had an average breast size of 17% small then women who consumed less than 3 cups per day. Wonderful. You want an A in the class but in return get an A cup…clearly this is a cup half empty situation. Who knew a cup of coffee could result in a smaller cup size.

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You’ve been iced!

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During the holiday we are surrounded with glitz, glam, and of course alcohol. One of the latest drinking games among young adults at parties is “Getting Iced.” The rules aren’t complicated…a person sees a Smirnoff Ice and can hand it off to someone saying “you’ve been iced,” making that person get on one knee and chug the beverage, not exactly the Christmas present I had in mind… Personally, the only thing I would want to be iced with are diamonds… and the only time someone should reference men, ice, and being down on one knee is if there is an actual diamond involved. I don’t think I will be saying I do to participating in this kind of activity anytime soon. I propose that we wear the drop dead gorgeous jewelry trends this season, rather than being drop dead drunk.

The sugary alcoholic beverage will not only dull and dry out your skin, but I think treating oneself or giving a fabulous piece of jewelry to someone this holiday season will give you more sparkle then any drink ever could. Although you couldn’t afford any of Elizabeth Taylor’s gorgeous jewels that were auctioned off this winter, you can still make statement at your holiday party.

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A Needle a Day takes the Aging Away!

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The latest trend isn’t fur… and that new leather dress isn’t the only stylish look hitting the streets of Manhattan to Hollywood Boulevard. The hottest look actually seems to be the “fresh face.” Having flawless skin is something everyone craves. In order to achieve this type of perfection, all you have to do is pay the price. I’m not talking about purchasing expensive creams that suggest they can reverse aging or that over-the-counter eye-roller that claims to make wrinkles disappear. I’m talking about Botox and Restylane along with lip injections, fat fillers, and collagen. Who would have thought that injections would be the latest beauty regimen among young women?
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Feminine Fashion

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While the leaves are turning colors this Fashionista is turning heads with a feminine and classic outfit. Even though color blocking and bright pants have been a huge trend, neutrals and black shades never go out of style. The midi skirt is a big fashion statement now; however there are many extreme and wild printed skirts that I’m sure you’re not going to be wearing too often in the future. Sometimes we try too hard to mix multiple trends in one look, taking away the simplicity and beauty of an outfit. This Fashionista shares how to be yourself when trying new trends… Continue reading

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Truffles for the Tata’s

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Pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, costumes & Halloween are what October’s all about right? Actually, there’s more we should pay attention and awareness to this autumn. October is breast cancer awareness month where many fundraisers and charities strive to increase … Continue reading

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Hallows Eve Made a Little Bit Easier

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A Custom-Made Costume From an expensive skimpy nurse to an overpriced naughty school girl, the prices of Halloween costumes are something to scream about. If being a beautiful butterfly costs $65 then perhaps you should think twice before making the … Continue reading

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