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Minis by Mary!

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How many times have you purchased the perfect skirt that made you feel like a total knockout at the club? You took over 100 pictures for hotness evidence that you’re about to post onto Facebook when suddenly your friend-enemy’s new pictures pop up on your newsfeed…That bitch is wearing your mini-skirt!!! Although you would love to knock her out you stick to your high moral standards, no reason to be immature about this. So naturally you call your friend and you come to the conclusion that yes, you do look way hotter in the skirt and that it is ok to post the pictures. Ugh, not the ideal fashion moment you had hoped for.

We try to hunt for one of kind pieces whether it is at the mall or online, only to settle for the next best thing. Well I don’t think we should be settling for anything less then what we deserve. Mary Carroll is one inspiring female who believes that we girls deserve something better!
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