About me

My name is Dayna Blair and I am pursuing a BA in Communications/Advertising with a minor in Fashion at Marist College and will be graduating this May.

I’m the creator and author of the column, Style Sightings, as well as the Beauty/Fashion column in the Marist College newspaper, The Circle. As Graphic Design Editor, I am responsible for creating all Marist campus advertising campaigns.

My past internships include working at the Hampton Models Agency, Accessories Magazine, College Fashionista as well as freelancing for various companies and websites.

Contact: dayna.vasilik1@marist.edu
Resume: Dayna Blair Vasilik Resume

I believe life without fashion is nothing to joke about; it is how we express our personality and feelings on a particular day and how we are perceived by the world around us. Although I have been called a “girly girl,” and grew up with the nick-name, “Pinky” I am proud to say that my closet now boasts a wide variety of colors other than various shades of pink. With the belief that a cup of Starbucks qualifies as an accessory, possibly even a staple, I describe my style to be feminine with a twist.

Many people say they love fashion, but I put it in writing. I believe the only thing worse than a boring outfit is an article to match. You know that emotional high you get when you try on a pair of jeans that finally fit just right? Well, that is exactly how I feel when I complete the perfect article. I am confident that one day my department store columns will blossom into designer articles…everyone better buckle their belts!

Although my future is still unwritten, I am one Fashionista you can’t write off!

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