Only a day after being in NYC for Fashion Week my friend Lauren Fitzpatrick and I became deadly ill with a stomach flu and high fever’s that should only been witnessed on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy… You would think our “wellbeing” would be 100%, having the opportunity to work the Anna Francesca show and later getting into the Derek Lam’s… but instead we were definitely on our deathbeds. Seeing that the fashion was to die for I diagnosed our condition as The Fashion Week Flu,” since both of us experienced major chills watching the models down the runway.
High Heels>High Fevers

After a long day of fashion shows in NYC my friend Lauren I enjoyed walking around Chelsea, stopping into our favorite tea spot, Argo Tea, and making it down to our favorite place to eat…WHOLE FOODS! The Whole Foods in NYC is simply heaven. There are beautiful fresh flowers in the entrance, and the customer service is so helpful and has such positive energy (must be because they get to work in Whole Food DUH). I enjoy walking the aisles as if it’s my own runway, only instead of paparazzi there’s cameras in every ceiling corner…
Feed Your Face in the Best Fashion

Time for a fashion detox? No worries, there are easy ways to boost your metabolism while giving your closet the fashion-boost it deserves this summer! The key to detoxing is to never be color-shy…this goes for both your diet and your outfit! The brighter the fruits and veggies on your plate the more nutrients and antioxidants you will absorb. Squeeze into your bright colored summer skinny jeans by squeezing some citrus juice from oranges, limes, and lemons on your dish or in your drink. The citrus liquid can help your body flush out the toxins in your body; inspiring you to toss out the toxic dark shades in your closet.
The Fashion Detox

I hate to stir the pot but studies show that green tea has more health benefits then coffee. Green tea has slightly less caffeine, yet just enough to give you the energy to get you through a busy day. Scientists have noticed that there are substantial benefits of green tea, both on preventing cancer and treating it. The antioxidants in green tea have cancer preventing properties, in particular breast cancer. The polyphenols keep your cells healthy so you can fight the destructive effects pollution has on the body. Asian cultures have used green tea for its healing properties for centuries not to mention their cancer rate is much lower than that of the Western world.
Starbucks Green Goddess vs. Green Tea

It’s true, fashion affects fitness. According to, experts say that it is important to do the right workout, but it is also important to wear the right clothes while working out. WebMd writer Carol Sorgen suggests that what you wear to the gym can keep you motivated and can improve your performance. “Putting on a flattering outfit motivates people to actually go to the gym or to exercise in public,” said performance coach Dr. Larina Kase in an interview with Sorgen. Go figure: It’s important to stay fashionable at the gym…
More Trendy Tips for Toning Up!

You may want to think twice before passing up any chocolate this Halloween. This decadent treat has wonderful beauty benefits as well as ingredients that are linked to having positive physical and emotional effects on our bodies. Therefore, you may want to reconsider turning down this delicious indulgence and gobble up some delight!
More tips on how to induge in beauty this Halloween!

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